The 2017 Season That Was From an Injury Standpoint

The 2017 Season That Was From an Injury Standpoint

It’s been a long time, well at least from what I can recall, since I have discussed NFL football. We’re finally down to two teams: the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl LII. You forget how quickly the season can just fly by. One minute you’re looking forward to mini-camps and the next you’re going over film for the 2018 NFL Draft. What a time!

Before the season officially concludes, let me just reminisce about the season that was. There were upsets, blowouts, amazing performances and countless busts that made this season a rollercoaster to watch for most of the year.

One of the first observations I have is the sheer amount of injuries to star players that continue to happen in any given season. However, this Injured Reserve List would be a mighty All-Pro team if we were able to go through the entire list.

Houston Texans’ JJ Watt

New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr.

Arizona Cardinals’ David Johnson

New Giants’ Brandon Marshall

50% of the Baltimore Ravens’ Roster

Houston Texans’ DeShaun Watson

Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz

Most of the Legion of Boom from the Seattle Seahawks (Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman)

It just felt that this season had a crazy amount of big names taken from the game during the season. Part of what makes football so intriguing to me is that those injuries often give another guy the chance to step up and make a name for  himself in the league.

However, the names that we’ve listed were transcendent stars and, in a few cases, the faces of their team and the league. Sorry, watching Tom Savage captain the Texans the second half of the season was brutal to watch — my heart went out to that fanbase for once again suffering through a season with poor play at quarterback. I would have loved to see the Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians and QB Carson Palmer be able to walk away from the game with a better output offensively than what actually occurred. The Giants were a massive mess, but losing your top three wide receivers in just a single game is some sports bet gone wrong. However, like I mentioned, injuries are an unfortunate part of the game and, while I wouldn’t wish one on anyone, it’s a fact that many stars before and after this article will go down to season-ending injuries.

While the ongoing debate about the health and safety of the game continues, injuries are a part of the game that no one looks forward to, yet are now common fixtures. I don’t know if the normalcy of injuries is a good thing from a human standpoint, but I for one am glad that the conversation regarding the safety of the players, whether they want to hear it or not, is happening. If these injuries to premiere stars of the league appear staggering, imagine the ailments and issues that those players who are closer to the end of the roster or who make up the practice squad endure during a season.

When you dream of being a football player, you don’t usually factor in the mornings waking in pain or the sleepless nights because your body is throbbing from the battles of the hours before. It would be ignorant for me to assume that there are not other professions on the planet that suffer from similar symptoms — I do not qualify as a WebMD over here. Yet, as a kid, you weigh the glory and satisfaction of playing a game that you love and that outweighs those less-than-glamorous moments.

We’re all on this planet for a moment, in a sense. Here’s hoping those moments are spent being active as opposed to sitting in the press box of life.


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