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Brad’s Decision

Congratulations, you've made it to the final showcase. You have the choice of either keeping what you won so far and calling it a day or you have the chance at they mystery prize should you keep playing. So what would you like to do? "I would like to keep…

Phins Up

In the National Football League you're likely going to win with strong QB play. However there are anomalies that debunk the notion each and every season in the NFL. Perhaps the offence can do just enough to rely on the defence to carry them to wins. The 2000 Ravens are…

You Still Got It

On Monday morning news came out that another former All-Pro, Pro Bowl, all positive player was calling it a career in the midst of the 2016 season. Former Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colt and Tennessee Titan, Andre Johnson retired from the NFL. Johnson no longer the fast, physical, elite route-running form…