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Homeward Bound

  If it has not been mentioned before I have to say that I have an interest in stories. Included in those stories would be shows that have a intriguing plot, complex characters and stimulating environment to surround said charachters. Showtime's Homeland lately has been criticized for lacking in all…

That Rickety Ole Coaching Carousel

  After another massive disappointing loss in Jacksonville the Houston Texans fired head coach Gary Kubiak. The Coach just a couple of weeks removed from having stroke like systems heading to halftime can’t be too shocked that he was let go. The Texans are my biggest disappointment of the season. …

The NFL’s QB Survivor

    After reading an article by Grantland.com’s Bill Barnwell on Coach’s in the hot seat I got inspired to write my own temperature post in regards to the NFL.  While Mr. Barnwell focused on coaches, I will focus on the coach on the field, being QB position. The draft…
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