Lacklustre Winter Programming

Lacklustre Winter Programming

300 channels of nothing. Already checked out the news feed and the latest political firestorm. Checked in on a couple NBA games, all of which are blowouts. The Pro Bowl just doesn’t do it for me anymore, call it a lack of lust. The Super Bowl is a preparation of handling the longest preamble before any game in sport, in fact they should make a Netflix doc simply on how to avoid week-long BS of two teams for one game.

There’s a feeling of holiday hangover that has seeped its way into the first month of the year. While some of the network shows have returned for what is termed as a their winter premiere, some of our personal faves remain in hibernation with no definite time to for the wake-up call to be given.

Where are you Better Call Saul? The Breaking Bad spin-off has begun to tease its audience with in their most recent trailer that featured the beloved character from the main show, Gustavo Frings, reprising his managerial role at Los Pollos Hermanos. While we’re left wondering if this the season that we finally see the transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman. Word from the show is that shooting for the season went later than season’s past. AMC, the channel that broadcasts show creator Vince Gilligan’s work, announced April 10th as the premiere for one of the more anticipated programs on the network. So if you’re living up north in a winter wonderland, it just gives you another item on the list of dreaming for the demise of winter sooner than later.

Depending on your pain tolerance, as well as you political alignment -which both could go hand in hand- you might be curious like we are to what direction House of Cards goes in season 5. The once critically-acclaimed show on Netflix has drawn more controversy than praise in recent airings. The show has more uncertainty entering a season than any other with show creator Beau Willimon left the show at the end of season four to pursue other endeavours. To imagine, some thought the show went off the rails when he was still there, it’s intriguing ┬áto see what the identity of the show will be without it’s original visionary.

The highly-anticipated 5th season of House of Cards premiered their new trailer during one of America’s most controversial moments

In an epically-timed fashion House of Cards revealed their season premiere on the official inauguration of newly elected U.S. President, Donald Trump. We unfortunately live in a world where reality could -for a lack of better phrasing- trump fictional storytelling. There is no telling how the fallout of election will impact the story line, but we witness on the news and other various media forms, it has surely affected a significant portion of people, and indirectly will have parallels drawn towards the show based on current events, a trait that many shows would envy to have. However, we’ll have to wait until May, 30, 2017 to finally play catch-up with the Underwoods.

The next show on ‘want to watch list’ would those easy-going killers in Americas mid-north portrayed in the television series adaptation of Fargo on FX. With little to no expectations in the beginning of the series, this show kept us enamoured each episode. We would like to believe that Fargo is what HBO was aiming for when they worked on True Detective. While stars like Billy Bob Thornton, Ted Danson, Kirsten Dunst, Keith Carradine and Allison Tolman dropped 300-yard passing performances in their time, the show really nails creating the environment, and setting up the viewer to care about the charachters we see on screen. From the comical names such as Gus and Greta Grimly, to how gathering evidence in the dead of winter can be an ordeal, this show just bats 1.000 in executing their goal each season.

That is one of the reasons why having to wait until mid-April (at best) for season 3 to roll across our screens is bittersweet. It’ll be a nice treat after March Madness, even though it will cut into the NBA playoffs, we’ll be sure to make time.

All is not lost. There are some shows that have aired, or soon to do so, that will capture our attention for the foreseeable future.


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