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Hi, and welcome to TheWorkhorseBack.com. My name is Matt, and I made this site as a spot where I can voice my opinion on what goes on in the sporting world, primarily but not limited to football. The goal is to also have in-depthdiscussions about sports and current events that have been reported or perhaps unheralded. The site is now 3 years old, and while this has been a trial and error process, the future will only allow this site to surpass the dream that I initially had.

Having grown up playing sports for a majority of my life, I’ve always loved to just have a conversation with friends or complete strangers about the subject. From who should start at QB for the Broncos to why Curling is much more difficult than what you see on TV. Whether it’s basketball, track and field or football on a collegiate level, I have a stubborn mentality to keep up with, and more recently gain a better grasp of the games themselves. With a “workhorse” mindset towards the subject, as well as a passion of writing I’ve held at young age to write it made the most sense to create my own forum to be a great outlet. If you are reading this I appreciate your interest. If this site is able to create a discussion, enlighten or at the very least make you smirk I’ll know that we’re on the right path.  I hope that you enjoy the blog,  if you have any comments, concerns or further insights you would like to relay feel free to shoot me a message through any of the multimedia platforms found on the site or the contact page on the site.

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