The Stock Watch of the Spring Game

A bright sunny day, with temperatures that do not reflect the summer to fall warmth that you accustomed to, however, will have to do for this afternoon. Bright jerseys and … Continue Reading →



It is only fitting that the role of what a workhorse back is has come up recently in headlines. Specifically regarding former Rams and Falcons running back Stephen Jackson’s campaign, … Continue Reading →


Straight Busters

“He just didn’t pan out”. “It simply wasn’t a good fit between player and organization”. These statements flow out of the mouth of teams and players after a breakup of … Continue Reading →


You Should Actually Call Saul

Nostalgia. That was popped into one’s head when it was announced that there would be a Breaking Bad spinoff. A series that of all things would be centred around Saul … Continue Reading →

Brandon Linder

Canes of Futures Past

With the 2014 season up in smok,e and the NFL Scouting Combine looming, now feels like an opportune time to reflect and look at the season that was for first … Continue Reading →


Big Time Bucks

  There can only of been a selected few that could have projected the outcome of what Monday nights College Football’s Championship game gave us. The same team that nation … Continue Reading →


Inelegible Deception

It’s all within the rules. That’s the basic reasoning that the Patriots gave coming off of a 35-31 victory this past Saturday’s Divisional round matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. Before … Continue Reading →


Goodbye Kris Kringle, Hello Frozen Gridiron

The holiday season is officially over. We’ve made it past those annoying relatives, return lines for that awful gift and steady stream of Christmas music that fills jut about every … Continue Reading →


Us Versus Them

Since we have finally landed on the final month of the calendar year it is expected so comes the “Best of the year” highlights, montages, awards and recognition that goes … Continue Reading →


Season of Discontent

Let’s preface this post as having nothing really to do with the sports world, aside from the NBA Christmas day games and their gimmicky jerseys season after season. This has … Continue Reading →