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2016 (Twenty 6ix-Teen)


To our delight the Raptors have begun their regular season. After suffering through what has been a rough season, to say the least, following our college and NFL teams, it will be refreshing to have a renewed hope for a season that has plenty of optimism. While we haven’t kept up with all the “Raptor […]

Laying a Golden Egg


Last Saturday’s 58-0 loss by the University of Miami Hurricanes at the hands of the Clemson Tigers was an utter embarrassment. Starting at noon on ABC, in front of a nationwide audience no less, the Canes were put out of their misery in what would be the last game of the Al Golden era. Canes […]

When’s the Draft Again?


We’re heading into week 7 of the regular season, just under the half way point of the season. It would be perfectly fine if you’re team has but a single win to start looking forward to the NFL Draft (April 28-30 2016, Location TBA). Not everyone is fortunate enough to be a fan of the […]

That’s Our Bad


You can’t get everything right, well at least most of the time. If we did, we probably would be millionaires by now, sipping cocktails at some chain resort in a warm weather climate. Unfortunately, that is not the case at this very moment. So we’re in fact humans behind all the letters and code that […]

Low Grades of the ACC


Every week, understandably, a statement is made by a college football analysts, saying that the ACC conference will not garner a playoff bid when the committees makes their final decision in December. After 5 weeks it would be fair to agree with that assessment. To say that the ACC has come out the gates like […]

Outside the Posts: The NFL’s Pl...


When it was announced in the off-season that the NFL was going to move forward with their proposal to move extra points backwards it was met with a ho-hum reaction from fans and personnel. We’re now heading into week 5 of the regular season, having seen wide rights and lefts, workouts for kickers are more […]

A Canes NFL 2015 Preview


If anyone reading this is similar to myself, they love the NFL game. As much as I like to cheer for my childhood team, there will always be a part of me that wants to see “ProCanes” succeed at the highest level of the game. While there are always mitigating circumstances, you can’t help but […]

It’s an FBS Kickoff Party YR...


We are not going to let Tom Brady’s epic victory over that league office that everyone talks about distract us from the start of FBS, Division I or whatever you want to call it, College Football is back.   -Yes, there were FCS games that did occur last week, not to diminish those athletes whatsoever, […]

Dancing With the Starters


We inch closer to the conclusion of the NFL Preseason, with the regular season kickoff growing larger in the horizon. Now if not since the end of the NFL Draft, front offices and coaching staffs have their hands full sorting out who to start the NFL season with. Being named the starter is a great […]

The Practice Games: Wishing On a Brin...


In week 3 of the NFL preseason, or “Practice Games” as I like to call it, we get to what many call the dress rehearsal week of the preseason. This is the week that teams will tend to leave their projected starters out for a lengthy amount of time in the preseason compared to weeks […]