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NBA Trade Deadline

In my last post about the NBA, the eye of the storm focused on the growing on-court skirmishes between players. Since that post, it appears that teams have been working well with one another… well, there was that blip of Thunder PG Russell Westbrook walking into an overzealous Nugget fan…

Hardwood Hostilities

Losing your temper is a part of life. Many of us have had that moment where our tranquil vibe was disrupted by an event or person that has sent us into a tirade of raw emotion that we regret at a later date. From verbal altercations with friends to the…

Renewed Passion

I would qualify myself now as a casual NBA fan. It was much different in my younger days, where I could name every player, team and stat on command whether at school, at home or at a party.However, my love gravitated towards football, letting my knowledge of the hardwood fall…
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