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Hard Knocks Houston

Oct 23, 2011; Nashville,TN, USA; Houston Texans running back Arian Foster (23) takes a bow to celebrate scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Personally, we loved last years edition of the HBO series Hard Knocks.  From Bryan Cox dropping wisdom on rookie Ra’Shede Hageman, or Roddy White harping on fellow wily vet William Moore (WillMo) in practice. The show is not for everyone, yet those of us who are suckers for the game will be glad to get […]

The NBA Draft Combine: This Really Ex...


It’s definitely not the Under Armour Olympics that we’ve grown accustomed to with the NFL showcase in Indy. It has to be better than whatever it is that Major League Baseball. They don’t have prospects breathing through a tube on a exercise bike like the NHL does. Yet, the NBA Combine is falls far below […]

About a Foot Shy


From watching Dwight Howard get hacked on consecutive possessions late in a game to watching an MLB manager pause the game to have a pow-wow on the mound. The sporting world  is filled with instances that may spectators could do without. If you haven’t heard by now, the NFL has decided to move the extra point/PAT (basically […]

A Level Playing Field


They actually went through with it. That was our reaction when it came across social media that New England quarterback, face of the Patriots, Uggs spokesmodel, Mr. Bundchen, would be suspended for four games and fined somewhere in the amount of $1 million. You had an inkling that the league would need to have a […]

Lame Duck Or Golden Goose


“He can’t call a play to save a game let alone a season”. “How in the hell did this administration dreamed that these guy would be the answer is beyond me.” “They should’ve been fired yesterday”. Just another day in the life of a coach on the proverbial hot seat.  The focal point of anger […]

The Rearview Mirror: The 2015 NFL Dra...


It was a bright sunny day, the kind of day where you feel like taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. The kids are out soaking up as much of the day as there is possible, or that their curfew will allow. It was one of those weekends where everything felt just right. Except you’re inside […]

The RGIII Redemption


He’s not who we thought he was. Hindsight being what it is, you would have a rough time arguing that buying all in on Robert Griffin III was nothing other than a colossal mistake at this point. The former Heisman award winner, now finds himself in a battle to prove that he is competent enough […]

The Stock Watch of the Spring Game


A bright sunny day, with temperatures that do not reflect the summer to fall warmth that you accustomed to, however, will have to do for this afternoon. Bright jerseys and fan apparel blankets your scenery, so much so that you’re sure that everyone you know is here. In fact, plenty of those faces that you […]



It is only fitting that the role of what a workhorse back is has come up recently in headlines. Specifically regarding former Rams and Falcons running back Stephen Jackson’s campaign, pleading with franchises to save the “Workhorse Backs” in the NFL. Being that we do have the domain  of The Workhorse Back, this is right […]

Straight Busters


“He just didn’t pan out”. “It simply wasn’t a good fit between player and organization”. These statements flow out of the mouth of teams and players after a breakup of the two. The fans have seen it coming for quite some time. The player has heard and read through credited sources, as well as the […]