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Help Wanted: QB

We at unspecified team Inc. are in the process of looking for a quarterback to carry and or compliment our current athletic structure in the goal of winning a Super Bowl in the near future. As an applicant you must illustrate a higher moral standard, leadership both on/off field among…

The Houston Step

You want the limelight. The cameras to peer as you walk along the sideline with a playcard to your lips, and headset enveloping different extremities upon your head. Throngs of familiar voices and faces┬áhang off your words, typing, jotting and recording just about every sentence that is separated by inhale,…

CMR in Context

"The play-calling is horrendous", "Is this really the guys that we wanted?" Those comments grew pretty loud before Miami ended the four game losing streak after starting the season off 4-0 once again placing them in the top 25 national rankings. Given the level of expectations at The U, qualifies…
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