End of the Pier: The Boardwalk Empire Series Finale

“There ain’t no such things as half-way crooks”. A fitting quote from the rap group Mobb Deep serves to summarize a central narrative in the world of Boardwalk Empire and … Continue Reading →


The Return of the Running Back

It’s a passing league, you can find a good back in later rounds.  The position isn’t what it used to be. How many times have these phrases been mentioned regarding … Continue Reading →


The Next Best Defender

There are going to be people that truly feel that J.J. Watt does not deserve the title of the best defender in the NFL. It sounds ludicrous to imagine, yet … Continue Reading →


Are The Raptors Canada’s Team?

Sounds like a straight forward question right? When two expansion franchises were granted to us here in the Great White North it was appealing to have one on the west … Continue Reading →


The Case For ACC Quarterbacks

In the preseason it was widely speculated that the talent in the SEC at the Quarterback position was going to be notches below where it was a season ago. In … Continue Reading →


Over The Boardwalk

Boardwalk Empire is back!  Where is the pomp and circumstance, where are the fireworks and signs hanging that subtly told us everything we needed to know about a character or … Continue Reading →


Three Weeks In

We have arrived at the conclusion of week three in the National Football League. So what have we learned about the game and a lesser degree the game as a … Continue Reading →


Unexpected Starts: Two Weeks Into The NFL’s 2014-15 Season

There was a time when a player on your team, be it reality of fantasy, was one of the best players to line-up at their position in the entire league. … Continue Reading →


College Football: Week 2 Recap

So much for the 2nd week of the college season lacking quality games last weekend. If college football is a microcosm of the business world then the Big 10 experienced … Continue Reading →


The September 9th Flu

For most of us the day where we find that there are too many activities, gatherings, and events conflicting with our professional and recreational time are the days we tend … Continue Reading →