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CFL 2016 Kick-off Primer

It's finally here. We've gone through an endless winter, a quick spring and enough talk about Donal Trump to overflow Lake Ontario with trash many times over. Meaningful football games have returned -at least north of the border anyways-. So while Monday marked the start of summer, with baseball fast…


  It's never to early to to be way too early when it comes to prognosticating and rankings in the football world. As we've seen on the college stage there have been predictions and rankings out for a couple weeks now, which are only a trickle of the amount of…

A Most Memorable May Two-Four

The Victoria day long weekend, better known as "May Two-Four" to many, is usually made up of key activities over the course of the 3-day weekend. The first of which involves alcoholic beverages of some kind, whether you yourself are a connoisseur of the finer labels and brands or lamen…

Hot up in the 6

Some days there's nothing better than just going out on a summer day. That feeling of of the suns rays massaging your skin, a light breeze capturing tree branches, or simply observing the clouds soar past the blue sky. For those of us that live on the east coast it…

Viva La Black Hole

Somehow it seems that flying under the Eagles QB quandary, grading off-season transactions and overall summer malaise until mandatory mini-camps take place in June, the Raiders organization may be on the way out of Oakland sooner than later. Is the NFL ready to become the first of the major North…
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